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Security Software Discontinued:
Note:Investrak discontinued this software due to brokerage firms new requirements to provide cost basis tracking on securities.

InvesTraK is a
Security Research Capital Appreciation LLC.

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Cost Basis Tracking:
Award winning InvesTraK offers you one of the best tracking tools available today. InvesTraK helps assists you in calculating long and short term gains on your investments, short coverings, mutual funds and 401k accounts.

nvesTraK Offer's Unique Reporting:
Create several instant securities reports and graphs to assist you such as cost basis reports. Calculates Average Cost cost accounting methods. Track multiple or single brokerage accounts. Export histories to Excel.
InvesTraK Overview:
Fast tracking of securities
Long & short term gains
Instant securities reports
Track short and coverings
Cost basis reports (FIFO)
Holding valuation reports
Rate return reports (ROR)
Multiple account tracking
Maintain history for years
Track Multiple Brokerages

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Note: Investrak should only be used as a tool to assist you with your financial management. This software is used for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice for any individual.

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