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Portfolio Manager:
With InvesTraK’s portfolio manager, all of your accounts are easily accessible from one common area - no browsing through endless directories looking for the right account folder. Portfolio manager puts all of your accounts at your fingertips
Transaction Manager:
Track your transactions from one location in an easy to use transaction grid. Select security transaction and view the current price, total shares, total cost, average price, current value, and gain/loss.
Live Stock Updates:
If you have access to the Internet, you can track your investment’s current price, gain/loss, percentage, volume, news, and more. Get the latest prices using several different Internet financial services for no additional cost. InvesTraK offers auto-timed updates that will automatically update quotes every number of specified seconds. For  Real Time streaming quotes see above
Securities Graphs:
Check your portfolios allocation.
Portfolio Asset ,Stock Exchange Industry Graphs, Transaction History ,Gain/Loss and dozens of others to choose from.
Detailed Reports:
There are Dozens of detailed reports to choose from. Quote Performance ,Buy History ,Sell [Average  Cost] ,Sell [FIFO], Security Information ,Portfolio Type, Cash Transactions ,Transaction History, Brokerage, History, Rate Of Return (ROR). Data History (Txt, Html, Cvs). Export basic transaction history to Excel.